Designer @ DSG | April, 2015


This vehicle graphic is Great! It’s great because it works. It does what it’s intended to do; advertise a service effectively at 55 MPH. Too often; we see fleet graphic designs that lose their impact by trying to share an overload of information. There’s a small window of opportunity for vehicle graphics, wraps and decals, to deliver a message. The key points need to stand out and not be encumbered and cluttered with verbiage and images. Ermco graphics accomplishes this.

What should a Vehicle Graphic Share?

Branded Company Name – This should be first and foremost. Any advertising that doesn’t promote the organization first is ineffective. You can’t miss ERMCO on this van. Also note people are more likely to look up your company name via google rather than record your phone number. You want it to be clear and easy to read to help them find you on the web.

Services – What does the business do? Is it clear and understandable? In this case…yes. Electrical & Systems Contractor. That’s pretty clear.

Logos – On this vehicle, ERMCO shared the logos of the Better Business Bureau and Top Work Places logo from The Indianapolis Star adding credibility.

Call to Action – It can be as simple as sharing contact information. Is there any doubt the contact information can be seen on this truck while traveling I-465 at 55 MPH?

What Makes an Effective Vehicle Graphic?

Restraining from sharing too much information while maximizing the key elements: brand, product or service, logos and icons make for good advertising. If you’d like to learn more in regards to your fleet graphics, we’ll help you. Contact us.

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